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Things You Can Do to Make Windows 7 Run Like a Cheetah

By Miguel Leiva-Gomez Windows 7 is already a pretty fast operating system, but many things still annoy its users, such as the amount of time it takes to shut down, how it runs certain… Continue reading

Things You Probably Didn’t Know But Really Needed in Windows 7

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How to Check and Fix Your Problematic Hard Drive [Windows 7]

By Miguel Leiva-Gomez There are many things that your computer depends on to function normally. For the computer to function at all, you need the big five: power supply, motherboard, RAM, hard drive, and… Continue reading

6 Useful Tips to Help Windows 7 Run Faster

By Miguel Leiva-Gomez At this moment, you’re probably satisfied with how Windows 7 runs, but you probably want to squeeze as much juice as you can out of it. Despite the improvements, the operating… Continue reading

Alternative Freeware Applications That Work in Windows 7

By Miguel Leiva-Gomez *) Why buy a piece of software when other developers make similar software for free? We’re living in a world where altruistic developers make software for the sake of progressing technology, and… Continue reading

10 best free product key finders

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How to reinstall Windows

By Nick Peers  Tutorial Reinstall Windows in less than an hour with our guide Reinstall Windows to solve performance and reliability woes The process of reinstalling Windows on your computer is simpler than… Continue reading