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The Future of Invention

By W. H. Babcock In our recent national phenomena there is no other fact so significant, so startling, as the prodigious increase of inventions, both in their number and in their influence… Continue reading

The Museum of the Future

By Walter Lippmann Museum Fatahillah – What I shall talk about in this article defined itself in my mind after visiting the museum in Pasadena to see once more the Huntington collection, and… Continue reading

The Migration of the Future (and Present) Is Temporary, Telephonic, and Tweeted

By Robinson Meyer Flickr/Mark Harkin Part of what makes Ellis Island, and the century-ago history it represents, so distant is the apparent permanence of an act like emigration. Great-grandmothers or great-great-grandfathers put what they… Continue reading


A stylish, snug and safe baby bed Ahh parenthood, how can something so wonderful be so frightening at the same time… wonderful that you can finally hold your precious baby in your arms,… Continue reading

Bubble Baby Bowl

Shaped baby bed rocks little ones to sleep, cleans itself Bubble Baby is a vacuum-thermoformed and blow molded acrylic baby bed which was inspired by a traditional Russian tumbler-toy called a Nevalyashka As… Continue reading

Roller Buggy

The baby stroller/scooter hybrid for kids on the fast track Roller Buggy – the baby stroller/scooter hybrid for kids on the fast track Being a single, childless (as far as I know), male… Continue reading

8 DIY Soap Recipes, From the Easy to Advanced

By Mairi Beautyman Living / Green Home credit: Etsy Its perfection, so fleeting, its form ever diminishing. Until one day it slips out of your hand, a discouraging mushy remnant of its former beauty,… Continue reading

10 Deliciously Radical Avocado Recipes, From Soup to Cheesecake

By Melissa Breyer Living / Easy Vegetarian Recipes credit: Courtesy of the Hass Avocado Board Few other fruits inspire such reverie as does the mighty avocado. The nutty flavor, that texture — avocados must… Continue reading

Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 Plus Sebagai Home Theater di Mobil Anda

Oleh Tri Agus Yogawasista Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 Plus – Sudah menjadi sifat dasar manusia pada umumnya, menginginkan serba praktis (instan) pada suatu peralatan (device) yang ada. Hal itu semakin banyak peralatan… Continue reading

Best Places to Work in IT 2012: Employee scorecard

What’s the key to job satisfaction for IT employees at our 100 best places to work? Computerworld – We asked IT employees at the 100 organizations that made our 2012 Best Places to… Continue reading