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Chainless Bicycle Uses Wire and Pulley System, Eliminating Grease and Increasing Cool Factor (Video)

Chainless Bike The new Stringbike uses steel wires instead of a chain. Hungarian Ambiance A Hungarian design team has unveiled a new chainless bike, powered by steel wires, that easily disassembles and can… Continue reading

The World’s Most Failsafe Wireless Bicycle Brake Could Seed a Variety of Super-Safe Technologies

Saarland University’s Holger Hermanns and the Wireless Bike BrakeSaarland University As the world goes increasingly wireless, we’ve learned to tolerate a certain degree of failure in our wireless systems–like when your computer just… Continue reading

Engineers Master Bicycle Aerodynamics With the Cervélo P5

Cervélo P5Claire Benoist At the Olympic level, where cyclists are in roughly the same physical condition, the difference between victory and defeat often boils down to a bike’s aerodynamics. The more smoothly air… Continue reading

The Sofa Bike Is a Loveseat for the Adventurous

While not quite as ballsy as riding around on a motorized couch for funzies, the sofa bike is cool for taking the idea and running about as far as you could go with… Continue reading

An All-Plastic Bike That’s Super-Strong and Super-Ugly

The Frii, created, by Dror Peleg, truly is the bastard child of an exercise bike and my childhood big wheel. But what set its apart is its “flat-tire proof” tires, shorter fork, and… Continue reading

This Bendable Bike Can Tie Itself to a Lamp Post

I’m slowly customizing my new bike with the help of some friends from Ohio. I love it except for one thing: The massive lock that I’ve to use in NYC. This awesome bendable… Continue reading

Metode MVOG Merubah Paradigma Berpromosi Perusahaan Anda

Bila Anda merasa tidak puas dengan media promosi yang Anda gunakan saat ini, kami punya media promosi yang berbeda dengan media lainnya, dengan keunggulan sebagai berikut : 1. Bekerja 24 jam nonstop meskipun… Continue reading

Metode Baru MVOG Untuk Meningkatkan Jumlah Konsumen dari website

EH Line’s aluminum monocoque Street Racer aims to become the Ferrari of e-bikes

The EH Line Street Racer Pedal-assist EH Line calls its top-of-the-line Street Racer the “Ferrari” of its ebike range. It’s a big call to claim your technological prowess to be in the same… Continue reading

Yikebike’s ingenious range extender

Yikebike’s ingenious range extender The Yikebike is a miniature, electric penny farthing made of carbon fiber and now it’s on sale, it is quickly gathering a cult early-adopter following thanks to its weight… Continue reading