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5 Maskapai Paling Kreatif di Dunia

Korean Air ( Jakarta – Duduk di kursi empuk pesawat yang berjejer rapi, lengkap dengan pramugari yang melayani seluruh kebutuhan mungkin sudah biasa. Tapi pernahkah Anda berada dalam pesawat dengan bar di dalamnya?… Continue reading

Virtual world of simulators helps train pilots

Simulator controller/instructor George Busfield, right, guides Freedom ENC writer Drew C. Wilson, left, as the student pilot attempts to fly an MV-22 to refuel behind a KC-130J at the 2nd Marine Air Wing… Continue reading

Honda Jet Makes Progress

The fourth FAA-conforming Honda Jet recently made its maiden flight. Honda head Michimasa Fujino took the opportunity at Ebace to update the industry on the progress of Honda’s eponymous light jet on Monday, telling… Continue reading

Boeing Reveals Future of Winglet Design

We might all be familiar with the efficiency benefits that winglets can provide, but our ideas of what they’re supposed to look like are quickly changing. Boeing on Wednesday revealed the design for… Continue reading

Your Very Own Cleaner, Faster Plane, Now on Kickstarter

By Paul Adams The Synergy aircraft, propelled by a fan in back and buoyed by a boxy tail, promises to be cheaper, safer, quieter, and vastly more efficient than a jet airplane. The… Continue reading

Virgin Atlantic Now Allows Cell Phone Calls on Transatlantic Flights

Virgin Atlantic’s Airbus A330 Virgin’s new Airbus A330-300 models flying between NYC and London will allow callers to make cell phone calls.Matthew McNulty via Wikimedia It was bound to happen and we can’t… Continue reading

Drone Copter For Texas Sheriff Can Be Weaponized Too (Video)

I really like R/C helicopters from a hobbyist’s perspective, but you can see how useful they’d be for more practical purposes too. Drones are used all the time in a military context and… Continue reading

Wanna Be Star Trek USS Enterprise Could Be Built for 1 Trillion, No Warp Speed (Video)

There are Trekkies who like to build scale models of their favorite starship. Then, there is a guy called BTE-Dan who not only has ambitions to build the real thing; he already has… Continue reading

Batavia Air, Maskapai Pertama yang Kena Sanksi ‘Delay’

Ilustrasi pesawat Batavia Air [google] [JAKARTA] PT Metro Batavia (Batavia Air) harus memberikan kompensasi tunai masing-masing sebesar Rp 300.000 kepada para penumpangnya dengan rute Palangkaraya-Surabaya akibat keterlambatan (delay) penerbangan hingga 4 jam. Dengan… Continue reading

Pilot Tolak Scan Tembus Pakaian

IST Oleh: Billy A Banggawan INILAH.COM, Jakarta -Pemerintah AS berencana melipatgandakan jumlah pemindai tembus pakaian yang ada di bandara sebelum 2014. Tapi pilot American Airlines (AA) akan memboikotnya.Surat yang mewakili 11 ribu pilot… Continue reading