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119 ribu ide, 3 yang dipakai VW

Jakarta (ANTARA News) – Volkswagen (VW) memilih tiga dari 119.000 gagasan untuk proyek Mobil Rakyat yang diluncurkan di China pada 11 bulan lalu. Kereta api magnet di Asia telah menginspirasi salah satu peserta… Continue reading

Electric supercar from Croatia makes your Tesla look kind of slow

The Tesla Roadster was a total game changer when it was introduced a few years ago, but now its crown as the world’s sexiest electric car is about to be snatched by a… Continue reading

Volkswagen floating car concept rides the streets of China (Video)

We’re all still anxiously waiting for the day when floating cars arrive to fulfill all of our sci-fi fantasies and let us know, beyond any doubt, that we’re living in the future. Well… Continue reading

Car Theft by Antenna

Researchers beat automatic locking and ignition systems. No key required: A researcher shows how an attacker could start a car using an antenna. A signal from the car is transmitted to a computerized… Continue reading

Prelude to a Robot Race

On Saturday, 11 autonomous vehicles designed by the best roboticists in the world will compete for a $2 million prize in the Urban Challenge. Boss: The vehicle from Carnegie Mellon University, named Boss,… Continue reading

Flying Car (or Driving Autogyro) Completes First Flight Tests (Video)

Pal-V Flying CarPal-V So this video was uploaded on April 1st (*danger! danger!*) but we’ve known of the Pal-V for a few years and we’ll assume for the moment that the Dutch company… Continue reading

Who Is To Blame When A Robotic Car Crashes?

Take The WheelJonathan Carlson Society must make two big leaps in order to enable truly self-driving cars. The first is technological. Engineers need to improve today’s cars (which can warn a driver that… Continue reading

sQuba – Who Said Cars Can’t Dive?

The Swiss Company Rinspeed has developed a new concept car called “sQuba”, which is the world’s first ‘green’ diving car. This innovative car is capable of driving on roads just like a normal… Continue reading

Hoverbike (Video)

An Australian named Chris Malloy has built a Hoverbike from motorbike parts, which he claims can fly at 173mph at an altitude of 3,000 metres. With a 1170 cc 4-stroke engine delivering 80… Continue reading

Sway unveils its sporty tilting three-wheel e-scooter prototype (Video)

After years in development, Sway Motorsports has unveiled a prototype of its tilting three-wheel electric scooter, one with a rather sportier bent than the tilting electric three-wheelers we’ve seen before After years in… Continue reading