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New Algorithm Enables Wi-Fi Connected Vehicles to Share Data

Graphic: Christine Daniloff Next month at the ACM SIGACT-SIGOPS Symposium on Principles of Distributed Computing, a team of researchers will present a new algorithm they developed that allows Wi-Fi connected cars to share… Continue reading

Ford Developing Biometric Systems to Manage “Driver Workload”

Jeff Greenberg (right) demonstrating the MyFord Touch intelligent test rig (Photo: Gizmag) The Ford Motor Company recently invited Gizmag to attend its Go Further With Ford 2012 conference on technological trends, which took… Continue reading

Experimental Headlight System Can See Through Rain and Snow

A lab test illustrating how the new system can make raindrops ‘disappear’ Driving at night in falling rain or snow can be treacherous, but not just because the asphalt is slippery – visibility… Continue reading

New System Puts the Brake on Mobile Phone Use While Driving

A system developed by Indian researchers blocks mobile phone signals while driving (Photo: Shutterstock) By now, everyone should know that using your mobile phone while driving is dangerous. Yet, when hitting the road… Continue reading

Dragon Drive! Voice-Based Messaging Comes To Select 2012 Model BMWs

Dragon Drive! Messaging Available in 2012 BMW 7 and 3 Series Vehicles (Photo: Business Wire) Nuance Communications announced today that its Dragon Drive! Messaging system is on its way to select model BMW… Continue reading

Dragon Drive Is The Knight Rider Siri For Your Car

You don’t need to have an R2-D2 unit in the back to talk to your vehicle. You even need to whip out your cell phone either, because Nuance Communications has officially unveiled Dragon… Continue reading

Dahlan Iskan: Pakai Mobil Listrik Cuma Rp 1.000 per 10 Km

Jakarta – Menteri BUMN Dahlan Iskan percaya penggunaan mobil listrik bakal menghemat konsumsi bahan bakar minyak (BBM) seperti premium atau sejeninsnya. Dahlan sangat antusias terhadap program ini karena mobil listrik hanya akan menguras… Continue reading

Wah, Mobil Listrik Made in Depok Sekali Strum Tempuh Jakarta-Bandung

Jakarta – Kemampuan mobil listrik made in Depok buatan Dasep Ahmadi bisa menempuh 150 Km untuk satu kali strum atau jarak Jakarta-Bandung. Mobil ini menggunakan baterai lithium 36 sel yang bisa distrum ulang.… Continue reading

SBY Pesan ‘Ferrari’ Listrik Made in Yogyakarta

Jakarta – Presiden SBY kabarnya berminat membeli mobil ‘Ferrari’ listrik made in Yogyakarta. Pesanan ini semakin menambah deretan kalangan yang memesan mobil listrik seharga Rp 1,5 miliar itu. “Itu untuk mendorong, saya nggak… Continue reading

Revolutionary motorcycle airbag jacket

Dainese, a leading motorcycle apparel manufacturer in Italy, has a new line of technical clothing that uses a proprietary D-Air Technolgy. D-Air is 10 years in the making, having been thoroughly tested on… Continue reading