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Nonton TV Sambil Gowes Sepeda di Cottage Lodge, Inggris

Tamu yang sedang gowes dan nonton TV ( Hotel ramah lingkungan jadi pilihan bagi para green traveler. Hotel Cottage Lodge memiliki sumber listrik dari tenaga kayuh. Anda harus gowes sepeda untuk bisa nonton… Continue reading

Water Discus Hotel In Dubai

Soon To Be A Reality Dubai never ceases to surprise us with the innovations in its construction Industry. They created man-made islands along its coast, a record by building the world’s tallest building,… Continue reading

China’s aircraft carrier hotel opens to the public

The Tianjin Aircraft Carrier Hotel in China We first covered this story back in August, when news surfaced of an unusual hotel being constructed in the bowels of ex-Russian aircraft carrier the Kiev… Continue reading

Could this be the world’s creepiest hotel?

Propeller Island City Lodge is an unusual hotel with ‘artistic’ rooms that include flying beds and upside down fittings Located just outside the center of Berlin in Germany, Propeller Island City Lodge is… Continue reading

AirHotel’s hanging rooms lift lodging out of the ordinary

Guests enjoying the AirHotel’s Schulp (Little Cottage) Looking for a place to stay that’s sustainable, fun and suspended? The one-of-a-kind, mobile AirHotel, designed by a group of Belgian artists, may be just the… Continue reading

Metode MVOG Merubah Paradigma Berpromosi Perusahaan Anda

Bila Anda merasa tidak puas dengan media promosi yang Anda gunakan saat ini, kami punya media promosi yang berbeda dengan media lainnya, dengan keunggulan sebagai berikut : 1. Bekerja 24 jam nonstop meskipun… Continue reading

Metode Baru MVOG Untuk Meningkatkan Jumlah Konsumen dari website

Hybrid Hotel in Dubai is Inspired by Singing Dunes Phenomenon

By: Lidija Grozdanic Singing dunes is a phenomenon found exclusively in desert environments. “The sounds are produced when grains drum against one another; exciting elastic waves on the dune surface of the sand bed… Continue reading

The world’s deepest subterranean hotel room

The eerie hotel suite accommodates two and is situated 155 meters (509 ft) below the earth’s surface, amidst winding tunnels and deep cavities (image: Sala Silvermine) Deep within the dark tunnels and cavity… Continue reading

The World’s first flying hotel – The Hotelicopter

Hotelicopter March 30, 2009 The double deck Airbus A380 has set new high standards for luxury accommodation in the air but, unless you can afford to deck out your own A380 as a… Continue reading