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Metode MVOG Merubah Paradigma Berpromosi Perusahaan Anda

Bila Anda merasa tidak puas dengan media promosi yang Anda gunakan saat ini, kami punya media promosi yang berbeda dengan media lainnya, dengan keunggulan sebagai berikut : 1. Bekerja 24 jam nonstop meskipun… Continue reading

Metode Baru MVOG Untuk Meningkatkan Jumlah Konsumen dari website

Locata announces indoor GPS, interface specs, Hexagon partnership

Australian-based company, Locata, has announced the industry’s first GPS-style indoor positioning solution. The company’s TimeTenna will enable new high-accuracy positioning, automation and robotics applications indoors where GPS signals don’t reach. The company also… Continue reading

Japan plans to set up 7-satellite GPS network

Satellites will be established to improve the accuracy of global positioning system in Japan. Japan is planning to establish a network of four satellites in the latter half of the 2010s to improve… Continue reading

Assisted GPS (7 of 7)

Biography ROD BRYANT is the chief executive officer and chief technology officer of SigNav Pty. Ltd. in Canberra, Australia. Until 1994, Bryant worked at Auspace Ltd. for eight years in a variety of… Continue reading

Assisted GPS (6 of 7)

Memory and Hosting Constraints. In developing the technology, we were required to accommodate a range of memory and hosting constraints. Using the u-Nav chipset, we have implemented an MS-Assisted solution in which the… Continue reading

Assisted GPS (5 of 7)

Flexible Design. Figure 2 illustrates an alternative organization designed to address these issues. In this case, the signal processing of each bin is much more sophisticated, and hence the entire search engine no… Continue reading

Assisted GPS (4 of 7)

Furthermore, it inevitably degrades the front-end noise figure of the GPS receiver, thereby offsetting performance gains relative to alternative approaches. CDMA Mode Switching. In the case of a CDMA handset, the main alternative… Continue reading

Assisted GPS (3 of 7)

Time Slots. Another technical difference relates to the fact that GSM uses short time slots, so each handset communicates in frequent short bursts. CDMA handsets, on the other hand, communicate using much longer… Continue reading

Assisted GPS (2 of 7)

MS/UE Assisted. In principle, the receiver can be simplified if some of the computation, such as the navigation solution, is performed by the network. This form of operation is referred to as mobile… Continue reading