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National Renewable Energy Laboratory Energy Analysis

Transformation of the Electric Sector. Click on photo for interactive data. A new report from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory suggests that renewable electricity generation from today’s technologies, in combination with a more… Continue reading

New Biofuel Production Process Improves Energy Recovery

A new biofuel production process created by Michigan State University researchers produces energy more than 20 times higher than existing methods. Using bacteria to breakdown and ferment agricultural waste into ethanol, MSU microbiologists… Continue reading

New Lithium-Ion Battery Design Stores 7X More Energy

By Megan Treacy Technology / Clean Technology © EMSL Microscope images show real-time measurements of silicon nanoparticles inside carbon shells before (left) and after (right) lithiation Clean technologies increasingly depend on batteries, particularly lithium-ion… Continue reading

Solar Powered ATM Is Beautiful in Bali

By Alex Davies Technology / Solar Technology © Green School When Green School, on the Indonesian island of Bali, decided to install an ATM, they were torn. Large electronics don’t really line up with their… Continue reading

Developing Natural Gas Technologies to Replace Crude Oil

By James Hamilton Platform – Here’s a promising story for the U.S. economy. The figure below plots the price of crude oil in dollars per barrel and the price of natural gas… Continue reading

New technologies help save water in US oil industry

Armed with the latest technologies, two U.S. firms are profiting handsomely and expecting rampant growth by reducing the use of millions of gallons of water in oil shale production and cutting carbon dioxide… Continue reading

Liquid Robotics and Schlumberger Form Oil & Gas Joint Venture Liquid Robotics, Inc. and Schlumberger today announced the creation of Liquid Robotics Oil & Gas, a joint venture to develop services for the oil and gas industry using Wave Gliders, the world’s… Continue reading

Fueling populous Java: What are the options?

By Hanan Nugroho Java, 128,000 square kilometers (including Madura), makes up only 7 percent of Indonesia’s land mass, but it is the place where some 140 million Indonesians live, making it the… Continue reading

North Texans Find Creative Ways To Reduce Energy Consumption

By Bud Gillett NORTH TEXAS (CBS 11 News) – With triple-digit heat hitting North Texas, the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT), which monitors the state’s electricity generating grid, wants everyone to cut… Continue reading

Challenge 13: smart energy demand and renewable supply

Author Mark Diesendorf Deputy director, Institute of Environmental Studies at University of New South Wales A cleaner, more efficient Australia will blend smart grids and meters with renewable power’s growing capacity. Pictured: Spain’s… Continue reading