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SOFC that Converts Hydrogen into Electricity Also Capable of Battery-Like Storage

Shriram Ramanathan’s laboratory setup for testing solid-oxide fuel cells. The fuel cell is hidden under the circular component at the top, which pins it down to create a tight seal with the hydrogen… Continue reading

Sony, Panasonic team-up to make OLED televisions

Struggling Japanese electronics giants Sony and Panasonic said Monday they would team up to develop televisions with advanced technology, in a bid to claw back market share from overseas rivals. Despite a long-standing… Continue reading

LG 55LM9600 Review

By Stephen Dawson LG’s top-of-the-line 2012 TV, the 55LM9600, features extraordinary style, excellent picture quality and some cutting edge new technology. 2012 seems to be the year in which LG has completely left… Continue reading

Kinect system keeps track of household objects

FITTING your house with a network of Kinect sensors could mean never losing your wallet, TV remote or other small items again. “We want to make Google for your home,” says Shahriar Nirjon,… Continue reading

Suction Mat Cleans Shoe Soles (Video)

By Takuya Nakajima A suction mat developed by Paionia Furyokuki removes dirt from the soles of shoes. All the user needs to do is stand on the mat. “So far, mats have often been… Continue reading

Best Watches to Buy in 2012

One in seven Britons might be replacing watches with new technology, but we still believe a quality time piece is an essential executive accoutrement. Serving two purposes, it makes a statement about your… Continue reading

Samsung Pamer TV OLED Canggih Pertama di Dunia INILAH.COM, Seoul – Samsung akan merilis generasi baru TV premium buatannya. Perusahaan asal Korea Selatan ini mencari dorongan penjualan dari sejumlah model menguntungkan. Kepala Unit TV Samsung Kim Hyun Suk mengatakan, TV… Continue reading

Nonton TV Sambil Gowes Sepeda di Cottage Lodge, Inggris

Tamu yang sedang gowes dan nonton TV ( Hotel ramah lingkungan jadi pilihan bagi para green traveler. Hotel Cottage Lodge memiliki sumber listrik dari tenaga kayuh. Anda harus gowes sepeda untuk bisa nonton… Continue reading

TV Super Mini Bisa Menyala di Rumah Boneka

TV di Roominate ( VIVAnews – Bettina Chen, Alice Brooks, dan Jennifer Kessler belajar matematika dan sains sejak sekolah. Setelah beberapa tahun, mereka menyadari ada masalah. “Ketika kami memasuki tingkat pendidikan yang lebih… Continue reading

‘Kulkas Pintar’, Cek Stok Makanan dari Smartphone

Kulkas LG di Best Shop, Seoul (irw/inet) Seoul, Korea Selatan – Tak cuma ponsel atau TV yang bisa dilabeli sebagai perangkat ‘pintar’. Lemari pendingin alias kulkas pun bisa memiliki label serupa. Salah satu… Continue reading