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The Future of Invention

By W. H. Babcock In our recent national phenomena there is no other fact so significant, so startling, as the prodigious increase of inventions, both in their number and in their influence… Continue reading

The Revolution in Photography

By Rob Walker A new camera captures hundreds of images and lets you choose your own reality When a set of online teasers for a new camera called the Lytro appeared earlier this… Continue reading

Revolutionary motorcycle airbag jacket

Dainese, a leading motorcycle apparel manufacturer in Italy, has a new line of technical clothing that uses a proprietary D-Air Technolgy. D-Air is 10 years in the making, having been thoroughly tested on… Continue reading

Make Clothes Out of a Can With Spray-On Fabric (Video)

Tight-fitting T-shirts and hipster jeans would get even snugger if you could just spray them on. That idea just got a little less far-fetched. A liquid mixture developed by Imperial College London and… Continue reading

The Future of Money

Me, My Money, and My Devices By Ignacio Mas Technology Review Technology has yet to fundamentally change how we think about money. As the mobile Internet begins to take financial control out of the… Continue reading

32 Innovations That Will Change Your Tomorrow

The electric light was a failure. Invented by the British chemist Humphry Davy in the early 1800s, it spent nearly 80 years being passed from one initially hopeful researcher to another, like some… Continue reading

Yuk, Intip Perakitan Tablet Android Rp 500.000 (Video) — China kini dikenal sebagai negara pemanufaktur benda-benda elektronik. Negeri Tirai Bambu itu pun terkenal sebagai negara yang memproduksi benda elektronik murah, tak terkecuali tablet. Di China, sebuah perusahaan bernama AllWinner Technology… Continue reading

Jurnal ilmiah elektronik Indonesia segera diluncurkan

 Gusti Muhammad Hatta – Kementerian Riset dan Teknologi (Foto Antara) Jakarta (ANTARA News) – Kementerian Riset dan Teknologi sedang mempersiapkan jurnal elektronik (e-journal) untuk memampang hasil riset ilmiah para ilmuwan dari berbagai institusi… Continue reading

Pos Indonesia Siapkan Perangko Elektronik

“Saya prihatin, banyak anak sekarang kirim SMS ke orangtua dengan bahasa prokem.” Perangko Indonesia ( VIVAnews – Pada era e-mail seperti saat ini, PT Pos Indonesia kini menyesuaikan dengan perkembangan teknologi elektronik. Perusahaan… Continue reading

Orang Indonesia Belanja PC Tablet Rp 3,6 Triliun

Jakarta, (Analisa). Dalam 12 bulan terakhir, konsumen gadget di Indonesia tercatat melakukan pembelian 704.000 tablet PC yang jika ditotal harganya bisa lebih dari USD 385 juta atau sekitar Rp 3,6 triliun. Data yang… Continue reading