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A City That’s Built at the Bottom of a Lake

Here’s something you don’t see every day: a town built in the middle of a lake. Not on an island, but actually below water level. It’s the ancient city of Seuthopolis, in Bulgaria,… Continue reading

Twitter Co-founder Jack Dorsey’s New House in San Francisco

It appears Twitter Co-founder(and Square CEO) @Jack Dorsey has snatched up a cliff side sensation of a house located in the Seacliff neighborhood of San Francisco. The $9 million 2 bedroom house (which… Continue reading

Bubble House by Antti Lovag

The Bubble Castle is an unusual house situated near Cannes in the South of France. It’s the creation of Finnish architect Antti Lovag and known as a summer home of the legendary fashion… Continue reading

Unique House Inside a Hill of Vals Switzerland

This Unusual house design, here the Unique House Inside a Hill of Vals Switzerland. this house with complete facilities for autumn, summer, winter and spring, the house feature like fireplace, fantastic living room,… Continue reading

Unique Contemporary House Design in Mexico by Javier Senosian

A unique house design project have been completed by architect Javier Senosian located in Naucalpan, Mexico. The brief was to create a house with specially integrated to nature. The house’s site was surrounded… Continue reading

Beautiful Offices of LEGO

Lounge Room Chatting breeds creative ideas or thats what it looks like if one walks into the LEGO offices. Designed by architectural firm Bosch & Fjord, the place looks and feels vibrant. Reception… Continue reading

Office Interior for Creativity and Relaxation by KONTRA

Youth Republic Office Interior was design by KONTRA. Completed this year, this 1300 m2 of ancient space was contemporary loft for a youth agency with nine departments. It’s located in the central point… Continue reading

Skyscraper, or Sustainable Underground Society?

Matthew Fromboluti of Washington University in St. Louis thinks so, and has designed a skyscraper that seeks not only to hold a veritable society worth of people and uses, but simultaneously heals the… Continue reading

Water Discus Hotel In Dubai

Soon To Be A Reality Dubai never ceases to surprise us with the innovations in its construction Industry. They created man-made islands along its coast, a record by building the world’s tallest building,… Continue reading

The Oil Silo Home designed by

Pinkcloud The Oil Silo Home, designed by in Berlin, recycles oil silos by transforming them into affordable houses! An oil silo is a storage container for compressed liquefied petroleum gas. There are… Continue reading