Money Talks: 8 Ways You Waste Cash

by Stacy Johnson

Odds are you sometimes spend too much on things you could be getting for less. Sometimes you do it for convenience, sometimes because you’re not aware of less expensive, or even free, alternatives.

If you work hard for your money, you think you don’t waste it. But odds are you do.

1. Prime example? TV. The average cable bill in this country is approaching $100 bucks a month, and a recent study says that could be $200 within 10 years. And yet, TV is free – you can use a digital antenna to get your local stations, you can watch a lot of other stuff online.

TV Cable –

2. What about your checking account? Sure, most banks charge, but many credit unions don’t.

3. Bought any water lately? While not technically free, get it from your tap and it’s pretty close. Don’t like the quality? Buy a filter.

4. Paying interest on a credit card? You’re wasting money. At least try to get the lowest rate you can by shopping credit carefully.

5. You should never pay to access your own money from an ATM – use an app to find your bank’s nearest ATM, or get cash back at a store.

6. What about information calls? Phone companies charge up to 2 and ½ bucks just to give you a number. But if you’ll listen to a 10-second ad, you can get free 411.

7. Then there’s generics – Sometimes name brands may be worth it, but for lots of things, paying for a name is nuts.

8. And last but not least…if you’ve bought a book lately, you apparently forgot about the ones you already paid for with your tax dollars. They’re at the library.

Now maybe you think this stuff is small change. But if you invest 5 bucks a day at 10 percent for 20 years, you’re a hundred grand ahead. And that’s how small change brings big changes. Want to see more ways people waste money?

Source: Valleycentral