Rent-a-Goat in Action!

Clearing Brush the Way Nature Intended It

Could goats be the past and the future?

We’ve written many times about goats being used to replace lawnmowers and to clear brush (for example, in Arizona, in North-Carolina, and even at Google’s Mountainview HQ). Well, we can now add to that list the Seattle-based Rent-a-Ruminant company. More before & after pics below.

Why Goats?

Goats have many advantages:

They have a low impact on the environment due to their cloven hooves.
They are natural climbers and love steep slopes and uneven terrain.
They can go where machinery and other modes of brush removal are not allowed to go.
They are cost effective in many situations.
They are walking fertilizer factories.
People love the goats! They bring communities together and make people happy.

Also, “Goats are becoming very popular with construction companies. They are finding that it’s a win/win for everyone. Many companies use the goats to clear brush so surveys can be done. They have also found it can be very cost-effective when considering how much it is to clear the land, then haul the debris and dispose of it. Plus, permits are not needed for the goats to clear which saves time and money. And it also improves communities by bringing people together to see the goats, not to mention the lack of noise that heavy machinery generates.”

Source: Treehugger