New earthquake detectors for Dubai

Five new monitoring devices will gauge earthquake activity near Dubai’s high-rises, officials announced today.

New earthquake detectors will boost the early warning system in place to protect Dubai’s high rises.

“These modern devices, added to the municipality’s existing network of monitors, will boost the early earthquake warning system, which measures up in terms of standards to systems used in the United States and EU countries,” said Mohammed Mashroum, head of the Dubai Municipality’s area department.

The monitors will measure “the peak ground acceleration” when earthquakes occur in Dubai, the other emirates and the wider Gulf region. The devices will then relay that information in real time to the municipality’s servers for analysis, Mr Mashroum added.

Earthquake activity in the UAE is typically minor. In January of last year, residents were awakened by tremors from a 7.1-magnitude quake with an epicentre in Pakistan. In March of last year, there was a minor 2.6-magnitude earthquake in Fujairah.

Source: The National