Freightliner unveils big rig concept showcasing future technology

Daimler Trucks North America has used the Mid-America Trucking Show in Kentucky to release its latest concept in commercial-grade hauling. The Innovation Truck concept takes the fuel-saving innovations introduced on the Freightliner Cascadia, already the most aerodynamic of the company’s trucks, and turns them up to eleven.

Included in the aero tweaks are rear wheel fairings, underbody panels, a roof deflector and a front air splitter. Further, the side mirrors were replaced with cameras to reduce drag. Once up to speed, the Innovation Truck can lower its ride height using air bladders, further reducing fuel usage. Wireless tire pressure monitoring sends data to an onboard navigation/infotainment screen in the cabin. Also present is Freightliner’s new RunSmart Predictive Cruise control.

With such a focus on fuel savings, it’s not surprising that Daimler has fitted the diesel powerplant with its BlueTec emissions after-treatment system, which injects a urea-based fluid directly into the exhaust to reduce nitrogen oxide emissions. Lastly, ParkSmart VHAC technology allows the truck’s climate control systems to operate without running the truck’s engine using electricity from a second bank of batteries.

Daimler says that the Innovation Truck concept is meant to “show our customers what they can expect from us in the near future,” so we’ll be on the lookout for menacing flat black semi trucks the next time we’re headed out for a road trip.

Source: Greenautoblog