Lego Transformers Ferrari 599

Lego has been entertaining and educating kids for years with its building blocks. The Danish company has even teamed up with the likes of automobile manufacturer, BMW, to organize events that see children constructing life-size vehicles out of the blocks. But a creation by a Lego modeler who is also a Ferrari-Transformer enthusiast named Joshua_0rz Yung-Chun Lin has caught our attention for his interesting and beautiful construction of a Transformer robot that can turn itself into a Ferrari 599.

The red piece of work is amazingly detailed and doesn’t resemble Lego blocks one bit. Lin’s pal supplied him the blocks though the work was all his own. The intimidating looking Transformer converts itself into the gorgeous Ferrari 599 with the help of strings and a little support structure. Though that kind of takes away the novelty of the project, the result is still outstanding since for the rest of us, making something even mildly resembling a building out of Lego blocks is difficult enough.

Joshua Lin has several other beautiful creations that revolve around ‘Rock Titan’ from the Walt Disney flick, Hercules, as well as a skeleton that’s reminiscent of the Grim Reaper. Lin has received a lot of praise for his ability to manipulate Lego blocks and turn them into objects with a surprisingly smooth finish.

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Source: Automotto