Honda Uni-Cub robotic unicycle floats on rider’s movements

Honda Motor has brought us an awe-inspiring hands-free floating ride using advanced robotics technology. The Honda Uni-Cub unicycle will be a stunning vehicle for a user to make smooth indoor travels in a hotel, a house, a restaurant etc. Body movements of the rider move this personal mobility device – user just have to scoot about in this unicycle to move to any sides moving the body alone, no hands required. Won’t it be an awesome ride?

Uni-Cub looks like a floating seat of a car. Indeed, it is a cushioned seat with two wheels; a big front wheel and a tiny rear wheel, which controls the overall moves of the unicycle. You can sway your body from side to side to turn the vehicle and lean ahead to move straight. Just put your foot down to stop the vehicle if you lose control.

Honda Uni-Cub

Honda is yet to unearth more details about the Uni-Cub. The company has put it for demo at a Tokyo science museum. Visitors are allowed for a ride on the vehicle. Everyone seems to be highly excited to get a ride on it. As per those, who have had a chance to ride the Uni-Cub, it has been a smooth and quiet vehicle for a ride. Honda evidently has no plan to commercialize the Uni-Cub in near future. Maybe, we will get to ride it for our comforts sometime down the line.

Source: Gizmowatch