Thermaltake Surfaces New Level 10 M Gaming Mouse Designed by BMW

At CeBIT 2012 in Germany, Thermaltake has shown off a new Level 10 M gaming mouse, which was developed in conjunction with the luxury car maker BMW. The Level 10 M mouse is made of an aluminum base and so it is solid and stronger even for rough use. Yet, what makes the new Thermaltake mouse unique is its floating palm rest, which users can lift up to 5mm and tilt to either side by 5 degree for comfortable use.

The Level 10 M gaming mouse further sports integrated ventilation holes to get cool air for your sweaty palms. The LED glowing of the mouse emerges through the holes giving a highly impressive look for the mouse. Though having a touch of Cyborg Rat 7’s design, the Level 10 M is an entirely different product, indeed.

The Thermaltake mouse is featured for a high-res sensor that is capable of tracking at up to 8,200 DPI, which is adjustable on the fly and also for various applications and devices. The mouse is outfitted with 11 programmable buttons, which users can configure using the native software.

Though advertised as a gaming mouse, the Level M 10 has an appeal for general use as well. If you are a bit crazy, you can even use the mouse with your office computer too. DPI can be adjusted for various applications. This grand gaming mouse is to come in three colors: white, black and military green. Thermaltake hasn’t exposed the price of the mouse, which may soon land in stores.

Source: Gizmowatch