Iron Man casemod with chest mounted hardware is creative indeed!

Iron Man Casemod

Those who know of DreamHack are already familiar with the enormity and ingenuity associated with the LAN parties. While you normally see geeks and innovators sharing their expertise at such events, the Campus Party recreates the same magic, but with a perceptible difference. At the hack-n-mod event, which was held from Feb. 6-12 this year, in Sao Paulo, Brazil, we witnessed hackers and modders vying against each other for the coveted Championship of Best Moddings. Among numerous mods, the Iron Man casemod caught everyone’s attention for being the most meticulously crafted machine.

Created by Alexandre Ferreira, the Iron Man took around 10 months to billow out of the concept stage. The modder spent $5,000 to build the life-sized mod; a major chunk of it came from his friends and relatives. The contraption utilizes recyclable materials like PVC pipes and fiberglass, which, in return, adds to its entire appeal. The PC hardware that inhabits a secure slot within the chest of the mod looks aesthetically pleasing.

Beyond a doubt, the Iron Man was the most inspiring casemod displayed at the annual week-long conference.

Source: Gizmowatch