All guns ablaze…bellicose computing!

Robot PC case mod

Big towers to small towers, flat towers to thin towers..seen ‘em all. If your imagination has captured the image of tall man made structures then flip it to PC cabinets because that’s what we’re implying by “towers” at the moment. Yes sir, from big fat boxes, Pc cabinets have shrunk down to slick and sophisticated cases. But who hasn’t seen enough of them already! What a geek needs is something that gives him quite a bit to think about, makes him wonder and eventually cry out “oh dude, swell”! Wehr-wolf of Ukraine has produced such a Pc case which simply yells out “anarchy.”

Presenting the Fighting robot PC case mod. A Pc cabined with an extreme metal edge in the real sense. A mean looking war machine, the mod Pc cabinet wages a war with a gallant configuration as well. Credit goes to the Wehr-wolf for finishing the whole thing in just two days. Yup! No fib! Makes you wonder how so much detailed can be packed into a MSI powered cabinet that looks so insanely awesome. Check out the pictorial details.

Source: Gizmowatch