Beautiful Backyard Mini House Landscape Design Ideas

Backyard landscape is a nice place for our children play. They usually play with friends or make houses out of tents. They are very interested to have their own home and play with his friends. Usually the parents they provide a tent behind the house for a place to play and learning. So the children will play happily if we set up our backyard landscape as good as possible. But the tent does not have the room spacious and easily damaged.

Next backyard landscape picture is a part of a small house called the polyhedron, because its shape polyhedron. This small house is built with a mature small house concept in order. This small house is suitable to perform the activities of children and the parents. Front side there is a vast glass making it easier for residents to enjoy the natural surroundings. This home has many functions, such as children’s play area, office, resort. This house is very comfortable house design with beautiful landscape design.

Source: Centralinteriordesign