Archipod : Modern and Very Small Office Design for Backyard Garden

Archipod is a new innovation of backyard office design, it small, portable and prefabricated. Its a solution for anyone who bored work in your house all day, and its time to create a modern small office design on your garden. Archipod comes with futuristic design, from the outside it shaped look like a spacecraft which usually looks on the Sci-fi movies. The interior was look so clean, minimalist, modern and painted using white color. The archipod size is for about 3m diameter square, structured with Curved plywood, Western Red Cedar shingles, blue label grade, on breathable waterproof membrane on battens. As a small office space it features power outlets, data ports, and natural light ventilation. Now you could throw away the bored feel and work into the new comfortable office space. Visit Archipod official website for more information and see another backyard office design in our past archive.

Source: Momoy