New Japanese Smartphone Has Built-In Radiation Detector

Japanese citizens worried about lingering radiation from last year’s Fukushima nuclear power plant disaster will soon have a new tool at their disposal: a smartphone with a built-in Geiger counter.

Japanese cell phone operator Softbank Corp announced Tuesday that it will begin selling smartphones with built-in radiation detectors this summer.

“The threat from the nuclear accident cannot be seen by the human eye and continues to be a concern for many people, especially for mothers with small children,” Softbank founder and president, Masayoshi Son, told reporters this week.

The company’s Pantone 5 107SH will be the first smartphone to incorporate a sensor chip that can measure radiation levels in microsieverts per hour in the surrounding air. The smartphone will also show the user’s location when they take a measurement on a map.

The handset will run Android 4.0 with a Sharp skin, and features a 3.7-inch, 854×480 LCD screen.

Son said he received many Twitter messages from people after the accident at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant last year saying they would like to be able to monitor radiation levels with their mobile phones.

A price has not been set for the new smartphone yet, but Son told reporters that it would be in an affordable price range.

Source: Innovationnewsdaily