Best Free Software for Linux

by Jojoyee


LinuxLinux, occasionally referred to as GNU/Linux, is an open source and free operating system predominantly known for its use in servers, but has increasingly become commonplace in desktop, notebook and netbook computers in recent years after newer and enhanced versions of Linux distributions, Ubuntu or Linux Mint for example, are developed and offered free to users.

While you can get the Linux system and use it for free, you can also run on the system a wide range of free applications such as well-known and commonly-used software including Firefox web browser and the LibreOffice application suite.

Among various free applications, here you might find the best free software for Linux, including those products reviewed and recommended by our editors in the various sections.

Other programs that work as potential alternatives to Windows applications or even perform better than them are also listed here for the benefit of users who migrate from Windows to Linux or run dual systems on their computers.

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This list of Best Free Software for Linux now includes 118 applications in 86 categories. To view all the categories, click the show/hide button on the right. To read brief descriptions of the applications, click a page number.

Home and Office

Best Free Office Suite for Linux – LibreOffice | OpenOffice |
Best Free Word Processor for Linux – AbiWord |
Best Free PDF Writer for Linux – CUPS-PDF |
Best Free PDF Reader for Linux – Okular | Evince | Foxit Reader |
Best Free PDF Tools for Linux – PDF-Shuffler | Sun PDF Import Extension |
Best Free Personal Finance for Linux – GnuCash |
Best Free Personal Information Management for Linux – Evolution |
Best Free Project Manager for Linux – GanttProject |
Best Free Notes Organizer for Linux – KeepNote | Tomboy Notes |
Best Free Desktop Publishing Program for Linux – Scribus |
Best Free Electronic Book Reader for Linux –Calibre |

Image Tools

Best Free Image Viewer for Linux – XnView |
Best Free Image Editor for Linux – GIMP | Pinta |
Best Free High Dynamic Range (HDR) Software for Linux – Luminance HDR |
Best Free Photo Organizer for Linux – Picasa 3 | digiKam |
Best Free Vector Graphics Editor for Linux –Inkscape |


Best Free Media Player for Linux – VLC Media Player | SMPlayer |
Best Free Music Player and Organizer for Linux – Rhythmbox | Banshee | Amarok |
Best Free Media Center for Linux – XBMC |
Best Free Audio / Video Format Conversion for Linux – SoundConverter | Arista Transcoder | OggConvert |
Best Free MP3 Tag Editor for Linux – Kid3 | MusicBrainz Picard |
Best Free CD / DVD Burning Software for Linux – K3b | Brasero |
Best Free CD / DVD Emulation Software for Linux – Furius ISO Mount |
Best Free CD Ripper for Linux – Asunder |
Best Free DVD Ripper for Linux – HandBrake |
Best Free Audio Editor / Splitter for Linux – Audacity | mp3splt-gtk |
Best Free Video Editor for Linux – Avidemux | OpenShot Video Editor |
Best Free Music Creator for Linux – LMMS |

Disk and File Tools

Best Free File Manager for Linux – Dolphin |
Best Free Drive Imaging Program for Linux – Clonezilla | G4U |
Best Free Backup Program for Linux – LuckyBackup |
Best Free Folder Synchronization Utility for Linux – FreeFileSync | Grsync |
Best Free File Achiver / Zip Utilities for Linux – PeaZip | File Roller | Ark  |
Best Free Partition Manager for Linux – GParted | Parted Magic | TestDisk |
Best Free Secure Erase Utility for Linux – Darik’s Boot and Nuke |
Best Free File Encryption Utility for Linux – TrueCrypt | GNU Privacy Assistant (GPA) |
Best Free CD Recovery Utility for Linux – Dvdisaster |
Best Free Online Backup Sites for Linux – Dropbox |
Best Free File Copy Utility for Linux – Unstoppable Copier |

Desktop and System

Best Free Screen Capture for Linux – Shutter |
Best Free Program Launcher for Linux – Launchy | GNOME Do | Cairo-Dock |
Best Free Desktop Search Utility for Linux – Recoll |
Best Free Screen Session Recorder for Linux – Wink | recordMyDesktop |
Best Free Font Manager for Linux – Fontmatrix |
Best Free Wallpaper Changer for Linux – Wally | DesktopNova | Webilder |
Best Free Color Picker for Linux – gcolor2 |
Best Free Windows API for Linux – Wine |
Best Free Cleanup and Tuning for Linux – BleachBit | GtkOrphan | SUM |
Best Free System Backup for Linux – Remastersys |
Best Free Other System Tools for Linux – PySDM | CCSM |

Security and Privacy

Best Free Password Manager for Linux – KeePassX |
Best Free Internet Safety Check for Linux – WOT |
Best Free Anonymous Surfing Service for Linux – JonDo |
Best Free Antivirus for Linux – Clam AntiVirus |
Best Free Firewall for Linux – Firestarter |

Internet and eMail

Best Free Web Browser for Linux – Mozilla Firefox | Google Chrome | Opera |
Best Free Email Client for Linux – Mozilla Thunderbird | Evolution |
Best Free Download Manager for Linux – Uget | FatRat |
Best Free BitTorrent Client for Linux – Vuze | Tixati | Transmission |
Best Free File Transfer Protocol (FTP) Client for Linux – FireFTP | FileZilla |
Best Free Instant Messaging Client for Linux – Pidgin |
Best Free Remote Access Software for Linux – TeamViewer |


Best Free HTML Editor for Linux – KompoZer | Aptana Studio |
Best Free Programming Editor for Linux – Bluefish | Kate |
Best Free NFO Viewer for Linux – NFO Viewer |


Best Free Sandbox Game for Linux – Phun |
Best Free Computer Chess for Linux – PyChess | HOXChess |
Best Free Match-3 Puzzle for Linux – Frozen Bubble |
Best Free Jigsaw Puzzle for Linux – Picpuz |
Best Free Computer Go for Linux – PANDA-glGo |
Best Free Hearts Game for Linux – Gnome Hearts |
Best Free Sudoku Puzzle, Generator and Solver for Linux – HoDoKu |
Best Free First-Person Shooter for Linux – Urban Terror |
Best Free Breakout Game for Linux – LBreakout2 |
Best Free Reversi for Linux – KReversi |
Best Free Backgammon for Linux – GNU Backgammon |
Best Free Billiards and Pool Game for Linux –BillardGL |Source: Techsupportalert