Monthly Archive: May, 2012

Eyejusters – self-adjustable glasses designed for the developing world

The Eyejusters adjustable glasses with the adjustment tool in place Anyone who currently wears glasses or contact lenses will have likely consulted an optometrist to determine their prescription … that is, if they… Continue reading

Beautiful Offices of LEGO

Lounge Room Chatting breeds creative ideas or thats what it looks like if one walks into the LEGO offices. Designed by architectural firm Bosch & Fjord, the place looks and feels vibrant. Reception… Continue reading

Office Interior for Creativity and Relaxation by KONTRA

Youth Republic Office Interior was design by KONTRA. Completed this year, this 1300 m2 of ancient space was contemporary loft for a youth agency with nine departments. It’s located in the central point… Continue reading

Interactive Map Shows Locations of 25,000 Species

The worldwide distribution of tigers, shown in a new interactive map called Map of Life. CREDIT: What Map of Life wants to answer is simple, but difficult: Where in the world do… Continue reading

9 Cyborg Enhancements Available Right Now

Credit: L.A. Cicero, Stanford University Press Office Medicine has made many recent advancements in repairing the human body and treating such disorders as blindness, deafness and missing limbs. Evolving technologies, many of them… Continue reading

Top 7 Ambient Energy Technologies

7. Tree Power Credit: Voltree Power Developed by researchers at MIT, and now under the umbrella of a company called Voltree Power, a network of harvesters sucks metabolic energy from trees to power simple… Continue reading

10 Sci-Fi Predictions That Came True

Credit: Ilse Reijs and Jan-Noud Hutten via Flickr It has become somewhat common place for the futuristic devices from sci-fi movies to appear as actual products on store shelves. Far more impressive is… Continue reading

New Japanese Smartphone Has Built-In Radiation Detector

Japanese citizens worried about lingering radiation from last year’s Fukushima nuclear power plant disaster will soon have a new tool at their disposal: a smartphone with a built-in Geiger counter. Japanese cell phone… Continue reading

Skyscraper, or Sustainable Underground Society?

Matthew Fromboluti of Washington University in St. Louis thinks so, and has designed a skyscraper that seeks not only to hold a veritable society worth of people and uses, but simultaneously heals the… Continue reading

Water Discus Hotel In Dubai

Soon To Be A Reality Dubai never ceases to surprise us with the innovations in its construction Industry. They created man-made islands along its coast, a record by building the world’s tallest building,… Continue reading