The Structure Anti Earthquake House Design from Styrofoam

Design of earthquake resistant houses with proper construction, such as the construction of Styrofoam with a dome home design. Houses with a design like this is needed for countries that are often hit by earthquakes, such as Japan and the latter is Fukushima, Japan is hit by the tsunami. The earthquake followed by tsunami in Fukushima, Japan who consumes a lot of casualties and destroying thousands of homes and buildings. These earthquake-resistant houses to ensure the safety of a stronger and safer.

Risk of damage to the building will be smaller than a house in general. Styrofoam dome home designs can at least save damage to the house and people inside. Construction of earthquake resistant building is made of lightweight materials that are not easily corroded so-called construction Styrofoam. Dome home is also very efficient to reduce energy and costs in heating and cooling. Dome houses earthquake-resistant design is by Japan Dome House Co., Ltd. made with great care to provide a high level of security.

Source: Mabeslor