Hybrids may be the future, says Ferrari CEO

A Ferrari hybrid concept, the 599 HY-KERS, on display at the 2010 Geneva Motor Show

Ferrari CEO Amedeo Felisa appears to have suggested that hybrid technology is ready for commercial rollout. But he hasn’t stopped there, hinting at a future in which both hybrid Ferraris and six-cylinder Ferraris may be the rule.

“We will roll out new technology that is there first and foremost to introduce a green factor to our cars and ensure that we can keep our product where it is in terms of CO2,” Felisa told the UK’s Autocar magazine.

Felisa has previously hinted at a forthcoming hybrid successor to the Enzo, and rumors have circulated of an 800-hp V12 supplemented with a 120-hp KERS system, not dissimilar to the Formula 1-derived KERS system evident in the 599 HY-KERS prototype shown off at the 2010 Geneva Motor Show. And such systems may one day become a Ferrari standard.

“I’m not saying when, but it is possible that this technology will be on all Ferraris,” Felisa said. “It has been designed to fit all our future architecture, and if we go ahead it will be fitted as standard.”

It’s thought that the development safeguards the immediate future of V12 Ferraris, ensuring that environmental targets can be met. But Felisa envisages a future when six-cylinder Ferraris are the norm. “Why not six cylinders?” Felisa rhetorically askedAutocar. “It is far away in the future, perhaps, but it is clear perceptions have altered. … We have to think in that direction.”

Source: Gizmag