Silva Bamboo MacBook Pro Case: Crouching Tiger, Hidden Laptop

Bamboo has become a nice, sustainable alternative to modern-day plastics. These days you can even find it on some computer accessories like laptop and cell phone cases, keyboards and mice. Silva’s Bamboo MacBook Case is a nice option if you’re looking for a case for your MacBook Pro. The entire case is crafted out of a solid sheet of bamboo.

The case features a hand-cut strap made from a full hide, which has been hand-burnished and oiled. The interior of the case is lined with soft wood felt. The bamboo has been hand-rubbed so its finish is as hard and as smooth as possible.

Silva uses 100% solid Carmel bamboo that has been CNC machined and hand assembled. It’s definitely an attractive case, and since it’s made out of bamboo, it shouldn’t weigh too much.

While it may be natural and made from sustainable wood, it’s not cheap. The Silva MacBook Case for the MacBook Pro costs $179.99(USD) over on their website. It’s also available in an iPad 2 version for $129.99.

Source: Technabob