8 Android Apps To Help You Manage Your Money

Most people are bad about knowing where their money goes. This probably means you are nickel and diming yourself out of having a savings account. If this sounds like you, here are some finance applications for Android.

The key to keeping track of where your money is being spent, is using the tool you choose regularly. Having a money managing tool on your mobile is a great way to get in the habit. Below is a list of some money managing apps for your Android device.

1. PageOnce

PageOnce is a really neat mobile money and bill tracking app. You can put in all of your creditors, investments and bank accounts. For most, you will need to give them login information to your web account. This is how they will monitor your current bills and account balances. There are reminders and options to pay your bills right from the app. How great is it when you are traveling and you remember you need to pay your credit card and can pay it right on the spot?

android money apps-pageonce

2. Mint

Mint is a really popular money management web app. It lets you keep track of all of your expenses, income and retirement funds. There is an option to have Mint check your bank account and automatically add the current statement data and categorize it for you. Having mobile access to this is great because you can input your purchase right on the spot so you don’t forget.

android money apps-mint

3. TaxCaster by TurboTax

It is a bit early in the US for a lot of people to be thinking taxes, but this handy little app from the folks at Turbo Tax will help you guesstimate what your refund will be. While there are a lot of variables to account for when you file, TaxCaster will ballpark your return or tell you how much you need to pay so you can make a plan early.

android money apps-taxcaster

4. Expense Manager

Expense Manager is a simple application to track your monthly money flow with. You can set monthly reoccurring transactions. You simply add in a transaction like groceries or your morning coffee right then and there. If you cash a check instead of depositing it, you can add that as income. Think of this app as a digital checkbook registry.

android money apps-expense manager

5. Google Finance

For those of you who dabble in the stock market, you can download Finance by Google to help you track the daily ups and downs for the stock market. Finance for Android will sync with your Google Finance portfolio so you have current information about what matters to you.

android money apps-finance

6. EasyMoney (30 day trial)

EasyMoney is a mix of simple and features. There are basic money tracking features like adding in expenses and income, but you can also categorize the transaction. A bill payment reminder is a must have feature for anyone who has ever forgotten to pay a bill on time. You also have the option to set a budget, well several budgets actually. Some people need a different budget for different times of the year, so this would work well for them.

android money apps-easy money

7. Money Lover

The neatest feature in Money Lover is the budget planning. If you have every tried to save for anything instead of just putting it on a credit card, you know how hard it can be. Setting a savings budget for buying a new laptop or taking a trip is a breeze… well, the tracking part is easy anyway. Many times when you see growth in your accounts you are more motivated to save, I know I am.

android money apps-money lover

8. Easy Envelope Budget Aid: Sync

Using paper envelopes to separate your money is one of the oldest budgeting methods I can think of. Easy Envelope Budget Aid is a digital version of this. I found it pretty easy to use. You will need a free account and to create a few envelopes to get you started. You can always add more envelopes and change the budgets for each later on.

android money apps-envelope


Whichever way you decide to manage your money, it is rarely time ill spent. Having a cushion so you are not living paycheck to paycheck helps you rest a little easier and chip away at one of life’s biggest stress creators.

Do you manage your finances on your mobile? What are your tips?

Source: Make Tech Easier