Monthly Archive: January, 2012

World’s most famous traffic outlaw giving away his 499-horsepower turbo motorcycle

Ghost Rider’s 500-horsepower turbo Hayabusa – up for grabs Of all the colorful characters in the motorcycle world, few polarize opinion as strongly as Sweden’s mysterious “Ghost Rider.” It’s not hard to see… Continue reading

Lazareth’s 250 hp, Ferrari-powered Wazuma V8 quad goes up for sale

Lazareth’s Wazuma V8F features a 3.0L Ferrari V8 engine, a handlebar-controlled BMW gearbox, and custom shocks by EMC – and is now offered for sale at EUR 200,000 In my part of the… Continue reading

This Tiny Electric Bike Delivers 80 Miles of Efficient, Eco-Friendly Travel

Eventually, the time will come when mankind can fully replace archaic foot-powered bicycles with the electric variety. Boxx Corporations clearly wants the same thing, as their stylish take on charged two-wheel travel is… Continue reading

Sensor Networks Could End Parking Rage

Cities hope systems that guide drivers to parking spots will reduce congestion and help downtown businesses. Virtual valet: This app tells drivers where parking is available in San Francisco. Blue areas have open… Continue reading

Hacking Cars to Keep Them Safe

Researchers are challenging the auto industry to rethink security. Car hacker: Tiffany Rad, an embedded-systems engineer at the nonprofit research group Battelle, will be studying security flaws in car systems and whether hackers… Continue reading

Beyond the Personal Automobile

Information technology means we can rethink transportation Go point: In an illustration of a regional transfer point, commuters arriving in small, neighborhood cars switch to a trunk-line bus service. Jose Paris/itMoves The connected… Continue reading

The TV on Your Shirt

Adafruit Industries announces a new wearable technology platform. Wearable electronics gets a new boost, with a new platform from Adafruit Industries, the brainchild of DIY-goddess Limor Fried (hacker handle: Ladyada). The new platform,… Continue reading

Surveillance Video Becomes a Tool for Studying Customer Behavior

Software mines security footage to help business owners see what people do once they’re inside the store. Who’s there: Prism Skylabs’ software processes surveillance footage to show how busy a place is without… Continue reading

Bye bye, Best Buy?

By Matthew Murray I admit it: I shop at online retailers all the time. A significant chunk of the Christmas presents I gave this year were in the form of Amazon gift certificates.… Continue reading

Asus and Microsoft working on a Kinect-equipped laptop

By Jason Kennedy It seems a vision of a far-off utopian future or the wildest dreams of science fiction: you sit down with your laptop at a coffee shop, a steaming mug of… Continue reading