Monthly Archive: December, 2011

Best of The Year 2011

If you’re looking to buy only the best this holiday season, you need to use our list of the best products of 2011 as your guide. gives out a lot of awards. We should,… Continue reading

The Top 100 Websites of 2011

By Eric Griffith What makes a great website? There’s a lot that goes into one these days. Universal appeal, good design, and useful features are just the beginning of the list of essentials. They’re… Continue reading

Intel gets some competition – AMD A-series CPU/GPU hybrids are on the way

AMD has unveiled a new line of APU chips, the A-series, formerly known as Llano Laptop buyers do not have much of a choice in terms of CPUs these days with the market… Continue reading

The Top 50 Best Selling Laptops

1. Lenovo Lenovo Essential G570 43344JU 15.6″ Black Notebook Lenovo Essential G570 43344JU 15.6″ Black Notebook Lowest Price $442.69 Compare Prices » 2. Lenovo Lenovo ThinkPad X220 42962YU 12.5″ LED Tablet PC – Core i7… Continue reading

The first million dollar laptop

The first million dollar laptop March UK-based bespoke luxury goods creator Luvaglio has created the first million dollar laptop. That’s what the first of their luxury laptops will sell for. Full details of the laptop… Continue reading

GammaTech unveils its rugged Durabook R13C convertible notebook

The GammaTech R13C ruggedized convertible laptop meets military specs Laptops and now tablets are essential to our daily lives – both business and leisure – but take that computer outside beyond a sidewalk… Continue reading

2011 Transparency International CPI Report shows 80% of humans live under corrupt government

By Mike Hanlon Despite the illusion of democracy which the world’s Governments present, the 2011 report shows we live in a fundamentally inequitable world. History may well record that 2011 was a significant year… Continue reading

Pengukur Kadar Lemak dengan memindai perut dari TANITA

Untuk mengetahui kadar lemak yang ada di dalam tubuh (Body Fat), biasanya kita harus menempelkan tangan dan atau kaki ke bagian metal yang ada tetapi bila ada halangan pada bagian tersebut (misal kotor… Continue reading

Pemindai tubuh terbaru di airport yang tidak memperlihatkan lekuk tubuh

Setelah banyak yang komplain tentang privasi para penumpang pada saat dilakukan scan (pemindaian) di airport Amerika sana yang memperlihatkan lekuk tubuh, akhirnya akan hadir teknologi Body Scanner baru. Saat ini di airport Atlanta’s… Continue reading

Bodymetrics Body Scanner

Tidak akan ada lagi salah beli baju atau celana karena tidak pas di tubuh anda. Jangan kuatir, dalam waktu dekat, mungkin saja anda akan menemukan alat yang satu ini sehingga anda tidak akan… Continue reading